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StoriesLoveMusic Program at MAC Center in Salisbury, Maryland with Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell.
Executive Director of Stories Love Music, Ilyana Kadushin, delivers the keynote speech, “The Joy Of Creative Engagement for Caregivers” at the IHAS Conference in Ocean City, Maryland on October 24th, 2019.
Executive Director, Ilyana Kadushin speaks with co-chair of Stories Love Music’s Board of Directors, Louise Dueno (Cobble Hill Health Center) about the power of creative engagement.
PAC 14 Back Stage Delmarva visits local artist educators Ilyana Kadushin & James Harrell in their cozy home recording studio. Ilyana & James discuss STORIES LOVE MUSIC AND the transformation qualities of music that can uplift and bring creative engagement to everyone. Also hear some great original music and take that transformational journey!
Executive Director, Ilyana Kadushin speaks with Stories Love Music’s board member, Nancy Hendley (CaringKindNYC) about the power of creative engagement.”